AMERICAN PHARMACIES: Standard and Quality and Products

Rite Aid Guest Satisfaction Survey

The pharmacy can be described in simple words as “a place that represents and sells the medicines”. It is composed of different techniques and science of manufacturing and allotting drugs. This health professional demands high care as it associates chemical science with health science and assures that pharmaceutical drugs are used safely and effectively. Some common names they have are Chemist’s, Apothecary and Drugstore.

This field has the specific professional study that is known as pharmaceutical sciences. Pharmaceutical sciences are the mixture of interdisciplinary areas of study concerned with action, design, disposition, and delivery of drugs. Knowledge is implemented from epidemiology, biology, physics, chemical engineering, and mathematics.

The pharmacy has been categorized into the following sections:

  • Clinical Pharmacy
  • Ambulatory Care Pharmacy
  • Hospital pharmacy
  • Consultant Pharmacy etc.

Each type of pharmacy has its own functions and tasks which needs to be completed.

In America, there are about 67,000 pharmacies. These stores are located in the department stores, grocery stores, nursing homes, surgery clinics, drug stores, and universities. Some of the pharmacies are privately owned and some other are independent. In the US, some of the pharmacy chains have established more than a thousand stores like Target, Rite Aid, and Walgreens. They also provide employment opportunities to thousands of people.

Rite Aid Pharmacy:

One of well-known pharmacy store in Pennsylvania is named as Rite Aid Pharmacy. On the East Coast, it is considered as the largest drugstore and comes at the third number in the US. After establishing such name and gaining huge reputation, now Rite Aid has to maintain the standard and the quality of the services and the products. For having the better understanding of the people company conducts Rite Aid Pharmacy Survey. Surveys always prove to be beneficial for businesses as they can get the guidelines that how they can improve and enhance their services and the quality of the products and get the customer satisfaction level. You can participate in the Rite Aid Survey and tells them about your views and remarks about their services.

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