Wendy’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

Wendy's Customer Satisfaction Survey

Wendy’s would love to hear the honest feedback of their loyal customers through their survey at www.talktowendys.com which is a platform designed by them to hear from their clients.

About Wendy’s Food

If you are craving for any form of sandwich particularly grilled cheese sandwich or a traditional club sandwich then you must stop at Wendy’s to satisfy your cravings because they serve the bets sandwiches with a choice of side in addition to other fast food in the entire town.

Requirements for filling the Wendy’s Food Guest Satisfaction Survey

If you are a regular customer of Wendy’s and wants to tell them about your likes and dislikes then fill out their Wendy’s Guest Satisfaction Survey, but before that you must ensure that you have the following pre-requisites already fulfilled before initiating to fill out the survey:

  • You must have established an internet connection on a laptop, desktop, tablet or any mobile device
  • You must have been to any of the Wendy’s Food restaurants, have made a purchase of any item and must be in possession of their bill receipt
  • You also must be a legal resident of United States and of the age 18 years or above at the time of filling out the survey

Procedure for filling out the Wendy’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

For successful completion of the Wendy’s Food Customer Satisfaction Survey, follow the step wise guidance written below:

  1. Visit the following URL in your web browser by clicking the link or copying it in the address bar www.talktowendys.com. This will directly lead you to Wendy’s Customer Satisfaction Survey page.
  2. Then choose your language of choice from the options of
  • English,
  • French and
  • Spanish
  1. Then click the “Next” button given below to proceed forward.
  2. Now hit the button “Take Survey” to start attempting the survey forward.
  3. Then type the code comprising of 8 digits and your date of visit which can be found at the bottom of your Wendy’s purchase bill.
  4. Then enter your valid email address and click “Next.
  5. Select your country of residence and click “Next” again.
  6. Now start the survey by answering all the questions regarding Wendy’s service, food and environment and keep pressing the “Next” buttons to move to next question.
  7. Then submit your Wendy’s Food Customer Satisfaction survey.

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  1. Love the fish sand. Better than the other places. I also get the bacon ranch fries. Love it.Everyone is super friendly,store is always clean too.

  2. Had lunch at the John R in Troy Mi.store today. I ear at several Wendy’s at least twice a week and am always pleased. The John R store was absolutely filthy, seats, tables, floors. The restroom was cleaner than the dining room. I will continue to eat at Wendy’s, but that store could ruin your reputation. Sincerely, a normal my satisfied customer.

  3. Where is my validation code for Wendys hamburger? I entered to tell about the lousy service I just received at the 12135 Lem Turner Rd store in Jacksonville, Fl and this appears to be a different site??? I a very disappointed!

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