GNC Guest Satisfaction Survey

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About GNC

General Nutrition Center was founded by David Shakarian in the year of 1935. David wanted to give a constant supply of all health based items to the general public who are in its need. He began by constructing a small outlet which led to the opening of a big GNC store later. GNC then expanded to a multinational business supplying best health supplements to all their clients.

Step by Step in Detail Procedure for filling the online GNC Guest Satisfaction Survey

Try your luck with winning that promised $500 gift card through the entry into the sweepstakes which you can gain by completing the online designed GNC Guest Satisfaction Survey which can be finished easily if you do as you are told in the instructions below:

  1. Turn on your computer and get it connected with your nearby Wi-Fi
  2. Open the GNC Guest Satisfaction Survey by using this link
  3. GNC Guest Satisfaction Survey‘s home page will get displayed on your screen instantly through your web browser
  4. Tell the state and location of the branch of GNC you last time visited
  5. Give the date and time when your last transaction took place there there
  6. Enter your transaction ID and the amount of money you paid there
  7. Now remember the experience you had GNC and keeping in view this experience answer the questions asked in the official GNC Guest Satisfaction Survey
  8. The questions compiled in the GNC Guest Satisfaction Survey will inquire you about GNC product quality, environment of the store and the client service
  9. Then in the end submit the completed version of the GNC Guest Satisfaction Survey before signing out of the internet
  10. You will then become a participant in the lucky draw for the $500 gift card

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