IHOP Guest Satisfaction Survey

IHOP Guest Satisfaction Survey

It is in the best interests for any business if it has to flourish to successfully incorporate the suggestions of its customers. Keeping this in view, IHOP has designed its guest satisfaction survey to get feedback on their services, food and pressure points that would help them improve and meet the customers’ demands. Hence if you want to help improve your favorite waffle company, fill out their guest satisfaction survey at www.tellihop.com.

About IHOP

What happens when you hear the words waffles and pancakes? Admit it that your mouth salivates with anticipation, if yes then you must try starting your day with pancakes or waffles with syrup of your choice instead of the traditional toast and scrambled eggs. Now if you are looking forward to having this gourmet style breakfast then you must visit the IHOP restaurant, known as the International House of Pancakes that specializes in exactly what you want to start your day with.

Requirements for filling the IHOP Guest Satisfaction Survey

In order to successfully fill out the IHOP Guest Satisfaction Survey, you must fulfill the following requirements before starting to fill out the survey:

  • You must have access to a stable internet connection and a laptop, desktop or a mobile device
  • You must have visited IHOP and possess their purchase receipt
  • Must be a legal resident of United States of America and of the age 18 years or above

Procedure for filling out the IHOP Guest Satisfaction Survey

To successfully complete the IHOP Guest Satisfaction Survey follow the step by step guidelines given below:

  1. Open the following URL in your web browser www.tellihop.com. This will directly allow you to access the IHOP Guest Satisfaction Survey page.
  2. Make a selection for your language of choice that you want to take to fill out the IHOP Guest Satisfaction survey from the following choice:
    • If you want to choose English, click the button “English”.
    • If you want to choose Spanish, click on the button “Espanol”.
  3. Then hit the button “Next” given below.
  4. Now you will be required to type in the Survey code which will be written on your IHOP purchase receipt that you got when you visited the restaurant.
  5. Then click the button “Next” again
  6. Begin the survey, enter the date of your visit to IHOP, and answer all the questions regarding their food and service.
  7. Follow the given prompts to successfully finish the survey.
  8. Then simply submit your IHOP Guest Satisfaction survey.

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