Old English Inns Guest Satisfaction Survey Will Win You A £250 Gift Card!

Have you had a recent chance to stay at your local Old English Inns and have you also had the chance to order food from this company? We ask because Old English Inns would like to know whether or not you have a pleasant stay. Along with that, Old English Inns will be very pleased to hear the feedback you have from them; whether its good or bad because Old English Inns appreciates honesty. And they stick to such principles so that in the future they can serve their customers with a greater experience. So, the Old English Inns Guest Satisfaction survey will only take a few seconds of your life and in order to return your kindness, Old English Inns has something in store for you. So, stay with us!

Old English Inns Incentive

Now when you have to provide your valuable feedback as a loyal customer, you might think that its just a common feedback. But in reality, various businesses now provide incentives and presents in return to help appreciate the effort their customers have put in. And so, Old English Inns Guest Satisfaction survey comes with a prize draw. Through enrollment in this prize draw, you will be able to gain a gift card worth £250. So, lets look into how you can take this survey.

Old English Inns Guest Satisfaction Survey

In order to begin taking the survey, you need a reference link. So, click here (www.youroldenglishinn.co.uk) to open the page to the survey and enter your location ID. Then on the next page, select your location, date and time of your visit and hit Next.

Your satisfaction scale will be based on the location you provided and so you can begin rating each statement from 0 to 10 regarding your experience, the service, prices, and so on.

Share your contact information to enroll in the prize draw at the end. Make sure your response was honest and free of any bias. Good luck!

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